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"Striving to achieve progress in our community through better communication "


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Aerial view taken May 2021 click here for larger image

for revised Townhill Community Council Boundary Map (draft version)

NB March 2021 Map now includes all houses on North side of Kingseat hill

& to include Chamberfield Road North merging with the existing TCC Southern boundary at the Water Ski entrance








Where possible will be held -3rd Thursday of each month @ 7pm

Venue; Townhill Community Centre

Next meeting ....20th January 2022

NB. Hall Attendance Numbers are Limited due to Local FC restrictions

Members of the public please book your place 48hrs in advance if wishing to attend

by phoning Ronnie on 07768 726644




Our meetings are both friendly and involving so please come along and have your say !

Any resident requiring assistance or advice should please contact a member of TCC




May 2021; PLEASE NOTE; Our Monthly Fresh Food & Craft Market'

held in Townhill Community Centre is now cancelled permanently

Sadly ongoing restrictions and Fife Council Charges have made this initiative no longer viable for our Community Council

Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who supported this venture.


The following businesses who previously hosted stalls at Townhill’s monthly market may still deliver to Townhill.

ANN DAVIDSON BUTCHER Phone orders for meats, chicken, eggs, cheese, pies etc in to the shop Tel. 01357 521251

BENARTY FRUITS Phone Pete on 07786 025233 to place your order for either a large or a small mixed box of fruit and veg, eggs too.

HEAVENLY GOODIES Phone Gwen on 07837 992475 to place your order for handmade chocolates, chilli jam and stone baked oatcakes.

THE ABERDOUR BAKERY COMPANY You can phone orders in to the shop tel. 01383 860330 for fresh baked bread, cakes, pies, sausage rolls, bridies etc

TILLY’S CHEESECAKE Phone Natalie on 07825 994610 to place your order for cheesecakes and doughnuts.

BONNIE BITES FIFE Phone Tracey on 07853 388690 to place your order for melt in the mouth tablet.









The Pharmacy @ 2 Loch St Townhill is now OPEN

Now available locally

Medical advice available from Duty Pharmacist

Prescriptions (inc delivered)

Over the counter health related items

Tel; 01383 223360





Townhill Community Council meeting minutes; --

potentially subject to *Data protection breaches of; 'Principles 2 & 5 & 8 '... therefore minutes will no longer published online

*Townhill Community Council is registered with the I.C.O. Certificate Ref; ZB058145

Following each meeting and within a 7 day period a copy of Townhill Community Council meeting minutes will be available to view

upon request in Townhill Community Centre (in the Book Lending room)

Nb. Historic copies of all TCC minutes are held within Townhill Community Centre and available for public viewing upon request

please ask a member of the Community Centre staff if you require assistance.



To view Fife Council current local roadworks timetable when applicable to Townhill traffic ------>>>

Community Police - reports are incorporated into our monthly Townhill Community Council Meetings

----------------------------------------------------------------------Non Emergency Telephone Number -----101 --- Emergency ONLY --- 999


--Planning information


May 17th 2017 on NLR meeting & relative to Townhill

Updated late 2019 by Cllr Ferguson to say that a full local consultation on the NLR would possibly be held late 2020


Fife Development Plan August 2017

19th December 2019 Kent St Appeal outcome

19th December Lathalmond update from SEPA







Some of TCC's Completed Projects

Report any Fife Council related matters eg repairs to roads, lighting etc


Today's Weather ----------------------------------


to open--------- LOCAL RESIDENTS IDEAS For Discussion ---------



to open - LINKS TO Businesses Supporting Townhill


to VISIT --------Townhill & Kingseat Parish Church Information ------


TO VISIT -------- Townhill Community Centre Information -------


TO VISIT--------Townhill Primary School Information---------

Link to -----------------dunfermline art club (based in Townhill Community Centre)

TO CHECK-------------Refuse Collection Timetables Information ----

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4 Refuse Bin Service

Food and garden waste ---- emptied every two weeks.
Landfill waste
----------------- emptied every two weeks.
Paper and Cardboard ------- emptied every four weeks.
Cans and plastic
s ----------- - emptied every four weeks.




Some of TCC's Completed ProjectS/INITIATIVES

** always on time and often under budget **

with all work carried out by TCC Volunteers

Much of this work was Funding by way of an annual grant from the 'Local Community Planning Budget' (LCPB)



Replace the rotten plywood backings from the rear of the park signage (5 off) with more durable marine ply

& have been treated with Demidekk

we moved the 'No Horses & No Alchohol Sign' to above the 'Welcome to our park sign

The Loch St entrance required a new sign mounting Post.


Wooden Hare & Rabbit sculptures also given some TLC

Repair Wooden Horse sculpture in park

Refurbish both Community Centre memorial benches(only one shown; before and after)

Repairs to the damaged story telling area surround in park

Willow tunnel in park cleared of overgrown weeds etc





April 2021 after 4yrs of negotiation !

March 2021

Upgrade of Townhill's three large planters after the wood surrounds fitted 10yrs ago had rotted

South entrance

Old Post Office

North Exit


Penguin Door damaged .... replaced





TCC's Santa& Grotto appeared

@ the TCC's Community Children's Party / light switch on

@ TCC's Fresh produce & Craft Market

@ Townhill Primary School

@ Townhill's Little Bookworm meeting

All gifts, sweets, running costs & live tree decor were covered by TCC




WW1 Memorial Area November 2019

before complete in use 2019


Forest Place Square - July 2019

before completed


Bus Turning Circle

landscaped June 2019





Park Wall ( Decimated by high speed car accident )




Picnic area opened October 2018

Funded by: Family of the late William Ferguson, West Fife Common Good Fund & TCC

click for big pic


Townhill Mining Heritage Area (Phase 2)

Opened 16th March January 2018

by Cllr Helen Law & Former Miner Joe Miller

Feat Townhill Primary School Choir

third plaque fitted June 2018 click for large image

Link to the three name plaques now appearing at the seating area

1 & 2 click here (PDF File)

3rd plaque click here (Pic File)

- a small tribute to the many Miners who lived, worked and listing a few of the many who died in Townhill's Mines



Townhill Park cycle area started with this

but thanks to FET , Carnegie Trust Dunfermline, Fife Council & TCC we ended up with this



Opened by Provost Jim Leishman & aided by Townhill Primary School Pupils Alice Ogg & Lucas Robinson - November 1st 2016



'Public Access' Defibrillator

sited at 'Ronnie Cowan Specialist Cars' garage - 1 Green Street

Familiarisation DVD for its use available on loan from TCC



Townhill Heritage Miner's Garden

Phase 1 - Opened by Councillor Helen Law 4-6-14




Townhill Community Centre 'Book Lending Service'

Operated by Townhill Community Council

Opened May 2017



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TCC Communication Links can follow us @townhillcc -------------- or join us on Facebook @ 'Townhill Dunfermline'

TCC Suggestion box -- now in Community Centre

For :- comments /offers to volunteer/ ideas

All input welcome




Travel Links

For Link -- to Local Bus Timetable


FOR LINK -- TO AA RoadWATCH------------------------------------------




FOR LINK -- TO Rail Timetables

FOR LINK -- TO Traveline scotland -------------------------------------------


FOR LINK -- TO Edinburgh Airport Information ---


FOR LINK -- TO Glasgow Airport Information --

Dog Warden - Report ALL Dog Fouling to; 03451 550022- Link to more info


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Commitee Contacts

Click on name to contact via e-mail

TCC Office Bearers

to contact any of our committee please click on this link :-

Ronnie Cowan - Chairman & Webmaster

Adrian Turk- Vice Chair

Niall Reid--Treasurer / Facebook Administrator/ Saturday food and crafts Market Manager

Linda Cowan - Secretary & Graphic designs

TCC current membership :-

Bill Hunter

Arlene Watson

Sharon Connon - Twitter Administrator

Hazel Ferrier - Suggestion Box Administrator

Peter Paton


'Non Voting' Members with Specialist responsibilies

Nominated member - Karen Woodhouse (teacher) -- Townhill School

Nominated Member - Iona Donnelly representing the 'little book worms' group

Park Chemical Toilet Key holders- Gaynor Sands - Kerry Winsborough

Co Opted Member - Maria Smeaton as project funding representative'





Link To National Network of Community Councils

Web page accessibility statement


Townhill Community Council e.mail link


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Elected Fife Councillors - 'Ex officio' COMMUNITY COUNCIL



Cllr Helen Law Cllr Gavin Ellis Cllr Ian Ferguson



Links of possible interest


War Memorial sites online

'Constitution' known as Fife Council Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils (2021)

Article describing 'Common Good land' - its foundation & foibles

National Networking Blog Site for Community Councils

Napier University Survey on Community Councils/Internet use

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