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For Effective Communication our Web content relies 100% upon submissions by residents & committee members !


This page is intended to act as an 'ideas forum' to include community improvement ideas suggested by local residents.

All practical ideas will be discussed at a future Community Council meeting (which residents are welcome to attend) + a reply will subsequently be posted.


This page can also be used as a 'Community Forum' to reflect either recent or outstanding village issues requiring attention.

A brief description of the issue/location/pics would be appreciated in order to progress it to the appropriate person for comment/resolution.

NB. Questions/points may be edited for inclusion in the interests of brevity, but will contain the main focus of any point made.


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Further suggestions & ideas always invited from our local community



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Townhill Park Putting Green -


Townhill Miners Heritage Phase 2 -


Townhill Book Lending Service -

Children's Cycle Training Area established in Park -


Provide an Edible Nature Trail in Park -

Provide 3 new 'Do not feed Swans white bread signs' for the Loch area

Provide 3 new litter bins for the Loch area

Remove weeds & tidy behind the Communty Centre

Move of Bio Diversity area in Park

Kingseat Hill Road; 30mph to further towards Kingseat - to replace mid bollard with illuminating type & remove the current build out at summit of hill

A Toilet Facility for the Park -

A Toilet Facility for the Park - now installed but will require volunteers to operate in terms of opening times

Traffic Calming for South Entrance to village - move VMS sign (digital speed warning)

Measures to reduce Schooltime traffic chaos -- Main Street & school car park = Yellow lines

Traffic Calming for South Entrance to village - rumble strips


Traffic Calming for South Entrance to village - traffic islands

Fit Floodlighting timer at MUGA user controlled

Ditches in Woodlands cleared by FC contractors /Forrest Ranger

fix fence from Forrest Place into Woods

fit two extra litter bins in park at Loch St & Allotment exit areas


fit central bollard signs on South entrance road in to village

YES /NO -- Devolution Stickers Removed from village signs

Dog Bag Dispensers for Park & Water Ski Centre - 'Albavet' secured as bag sponsor





22 plots were available for rental - All have been taken

Allotment allocation

If you wish to be considered for any future allotment availability please apply to Peter Duncan

the 'Allotments officer' Tel: 08451 55 55 55 + Ext 44 06 01


Rosemary Walmsley (local TAG )

-- there is also an online allotment newsletter.


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If you are interested in your local Community

You can read more about the 'Scottish Community Alliance' on their website @ www.localpeopleleading.co.uk.





For submission of updates/comments/Pics to this page please click;- TCC IDEAS

Photographs submitted will help, but please ensure that the location is easily identifiable to assist with any future 3rd party investigation

Disclaimer :-Issues, Opinions & Responses are not necessarily that of Townhill Community Council

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